Happy Kids Project: Milk Donation

Happy Kids Project: Milk Donation

Committed to improve the quality of education, as part of Happy Kids Project, in April 2019 Time International donated milk for 12 pre-schools in Kabupaten Tangerang, Jakarta Utara and Kabupaten Bogor.

A total of 500 children from 12 schools have been impacted by this project. Here is the list of schools who have received milk donation by TIME International:

  1. PAUD Al-Alam
  2. PAUD Mawar II
  3. PAUD Evitha Galuh
  4. PAUD Harapan Bunda
  5. PAUD Bina Mulya
  6. PAUD Al-Fikri
  7. PAUD Al-Mabrul
  8. PAUD Pena
  9. PAUD Taman Hati
  10. PAUD Binamulya
  11. PAUD Strawberr
  12. PAUD Annisa