Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa

Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa

A longtime advocate for educational equity, Time International is proud to announce its first-ever foundation, Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa. Established just this year, Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa will succeed in the esteemed company’s mission to improve children’s access to education across the nation. Under the wings of Time International’s President & CEO, Irwan Danny Mussry, and Vice President, Shannon Hartono, the newly established foundation seeks to make a lasting impact for the children of Indonesia.

Since 2014, the leading luxury and lifestyle company has embarked on a journey to aid child development in countless provinces. Together with its revered partners, one of them being Petra Nemcova’s Happy Hearts Indonesia, the company has rebuilt numerous remote schools and has improved the lives of hundreds of students thus far. Akin to its preceding charitable initiatives, Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa also aims to ensure the students’ development by providing nutritious sustenance, health check-ups, and other necessities. Through its activities will gravitate towards the educational sector, the foundation still recognizes the importance of sufficient nutrition in early childhood development. Whilst working towards its goal, Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa also hopes to eventually delve into other sectors, such as crisis relief, to create a larger ripple of positive change.

Seated at its board, Shannon Hartono looks forward to supporting these youths grow into the bright changemakers that they are, “Our children today are the backbone of our nation tomorrow. We want to ensure that Indonesia’s future leaders have the opportunity to build a firm foundation of knowledge and the skills to navigate their journeys ahead.”

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