Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa 2020 CSR Recap: Happy Hearts Indonesia

Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa 2020 CSR Recap: Happy Hearts Indonesia

Students in West Nusa Tenggara enjoyed first-hand experience in the Happy Kids Project 2020-2021. The education of children has always been our foremost priority. The dream of educational equality and ensuring better healthcare access is at the heart of the Happy Kids Project. Through Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa and with the support of Time International employees, we have been rekindling the flames of dreams and hope inside Indonesian children.

Hand in hand, Yayasan Bakti Untuk Bangsa and Happy Hearts Indonesia had given firsthand impact to 225 students and 15 teachers in 5 schools in West Nusa Tenggara, among the list are PAUD Pelita Kasih, PAUD Kalembu Loba, PAUD Kamar Kaba, PAUD El Shadday Mulia, and TK Ligouri.

Starting from October 2020 until March 2021, we have initiated various programs to further support our children in the remote areas of Indonesia, such as:
– Providing nutritional food on more than 230 occasions,
– Giving out a pair of uniforms for students in PAUD Pelita Kasih,
– Initiating dental hygiene with teeth-brushing simulation and kit,
– Distributing vitamins at PAUD El Shadday Mulia, for both students and teachers,
– Preparing nutritional food and giving parent counseling about early childhood growth and development,
– Regularly monitoring children’s growth by measuring the height, weight, and head circumference of students at PAUD Kamaru Kaba.

Moving forward, we are aiming to do more, touch more lives, and build a better foundation for the children of Indonesia.