This is a legend that has never been told. A legend that speaks to everyone regardless of age and place, with the same immediacy and emotion, but also with the aim to amuse and entertain. The task is compelling. That instrument is simple, and utterly analogic. It is as old and progressive as life: a Book. A hefty, fragrant tome to flip through while luxuriating in visual content, enjoying the touch of paper and the sight of colours: feeling with eyes, brain and hands.

A Book can act as a vessel for legacy, as a stimulus to do more of the same rather than simply celebrate. This is an Oasi Zegna Book after all: authentic, engaging, pure in intent.

Welcome Born in Oasi Zegna.

Born in Oasi Zegna is at once a timeless document, playbook, and visual tale blooming from the ZEGNA original seed. Bringing that seed into the world allows it to bloom further. Following the cycle of the seasons, hence a time that is circular — and in a way, out of time, or above it —it is replete with images, illustrations, words, historic bits, all fused in an endless loop that can be entered at every page. Born in Oasi Zegna makes the all-defining ethos behind the beauty ZEGNA aims at producing palpable. It is an ethos that keeps together people and environment, values and wellbeing, in a vertically integrated system of actions: a mindset.

Responsibility towards community and territory has been a driving principle at ZEGNA since its inception in 1910. Oasi Zegna is a natural territory that covers an area of 100 km2 in the Biella Alps of Piedmont in northern Italy. At the beginning of the last century, Ermenegildo Zegna undertook a vast reforestation program in the mountainous area surrounding his Wool Mill and, for the first time, connected the two sides of the mountain through the construction of the 232 Road. The reforestation and local community development project that gave rise to Oasi Zegna now boasts over 500,000 trees and promotes cohesion and harmony between humans, industry and nature. The Founder’s vision has been nurtured by successive generations, who continue to preserve Oasi Zegna as a unique model of social and environmental awareness.

Oasi Zegna is the home of ZEGNA’s values. The center of it all, the reason for its being and the seed for future installments. It is a testament to an authenticity that is real and engaging. Oasi Zegna now travels and not only as a mindset. The first stop is Milan: the new flowerbeds in Piazza Duomo will be officially donated by ZEGNA to the City of Milan on April 19th and this will mark the beginning of a project that aims to create new Oasi Zegna around the world. The project aims to convey the value and urgency of respect for the Earth and nature, as well as the importance that urban green spaces can bring people closer to natural ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity and social responsibility — concepts that are fundamental to Oasi Zegna.


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Just like Oasi Zegna itself, this Book is a living organism. And just like a living organism, Born in Oasi Zegna will be living throughout the city of Milan during Milan Design Week, culminating in an immersive exhibition at the ZEGNA Headquarters. Open to the public from 16th April to 21st April , the installation will turn the pages of the book into places to explore, filled with vegetation coming from Oasi Zegna, bringing the ethos of Oasi Zegna full circle.

The Born in Oasi Zegna Book is now available to buy exclusively at ZEGNA stores globally and online at zegna.com