OOTD: Young Supermodel Kaia Gerber Spotted in Celine

OOTD: Young Supermodel Kaia Gerber Spotted in Celine

Fashion week darling Kaia Gerber has busy seasons of walking for countless brands. She’s been dominating the runways for 2 years now (she debuted in 2018) and has her runway career set for more years to come. Like other models before her, if she’s doing things right, she will have the staying power and probably becoming an icon in her own right – just like her mother, Cindy Crawford.


And like other models, Kaia is currently busy for fashion week fall-winter 2020 runways. In which she would travel from New York to Paris to walk for the heavyweight brands and the cameras would follow her on and off the runway. With the fashion world’s obsession around street style, Kaia’s off duty looks are surely one of those frequently documented.





Like recently, the young model showcased several street-style worthy looks courtesy of Celine by Hedi Slimane in New York, London, and Milan. She was photographed not only in one or two, but three Celine looks (comprised of three denim and jacket looks and one where she held the small 16 bag.  All were casual with hints of retro especially from the washed denim, corduroy, and the oversized checked blazer worn by Kaia.

Check out the looks below, which of Kaia’s street style shots are your favorite? Don’t forget to shop for Celine collection at their exclusive boutique in Plaza Indonesia.