Inspired by our visionary founder, Zegna follows its own path. Physically and passionately, we are still journeying down the 232 road that Ermenegildo built over 110 years ago in the mountains of Northern Italy, Piedmont, which at the time was no more than barren rocks and one man’s unwavering dream for the future. His road was made up of ideas and principles, of the very fabric of tomorrow. Every day since, the road he paved has guided everything we do at Zegna, not just as global luxury menswear brand but as responsible and caring human beings. Ermenegildo not only built an inspiring international brand, but along the way he built a community around his wool mill and planted the sprawling green Oasi Zegna, a natural territory of 100 km2, on what was once a near lifeless mountainside. He built a new kind of ethical entrepreneurship and an ethos of giving back.

This is the reason why the road is such a powerful symbol for Zegna. It charts our history and our mission, entwined in progressive ideas. It always looks forward, forging a future that is worthy of our dreams, while also leaving a trail that others might follow, purposefully enabling our community with a shared mindset. The Zegna road – our road – leads us to New York, where the Ermenegildo Zegna Group is expecting to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. While the journey has always been more important than the destination at Zegna, we celebrate this moment with a brand-new signifier that pays tribute to the Zegna road. The road becomes our very identity. Our history, our values, our intention are now stitched into the very fabric that bears our name. To mark this new era, our logo is also updated in a modernised font that encapsulates our directional vision. This singular name Zegna celebrates our family heritage while looking forward with an ownable and tightly defined aesthetic and attitude. In this way, we celebrate a leap forward for the brand while upholding the enduring values of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, led by Gildo Zegna, third generation of the family, as CEO.


zegna the (re) branding


The double-stripe signifier and new Zegna logo are set to be unveiled with a purposeful collection to be launched on December 3rd: a collection that acclaims the outdoors and winter sports in a meaningful tribute to our routes and roots in the Piedmont mountains. A graphic representation of all we have done and set out to do, the vicunacoloured signifier will weave through every collection we create and the new Zegna logo be the sign of the brand retail network to be globally completed within 2022.

When you know where you are going, you can follow your own path. As Zegna enters an exciting new chapter in our history, we continue along the same road that stretches back more than a century. Together, our road leads us to frontiers in fabric innovation, in corporate leadership and style of life. Let’s stay the course. Let’s be catalysts for change and champions of a brighter future together. It is a path worth taking.