Watches and Wonders’ Picks: CHANEL Haute Horlogerie

Watches and Wonders’ Picks: CHANEL Haute Horlogerie

Last week, we had the privilege of witnessing CHANEL‘s extraordinary presentation at Watches and Wonders 2024 in Geneva.

During the annual trade show, the CHANEL Watch Creation Studio unveiled their latest Haute Horlogierie creations, including the J12 Automaton Caliber 6, the Pink Edition, and the Première.

J12 Automaton Caliber 6

Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel and her couture workshop on Rue Cambon, the J12 Automaton Caliber 6 is equipped with a new Calibre 6 movement, developed and assembled by the CHANEL Watch Manufacture. With the press of a button, Mademoiselle’s silhouette comes to life in her couture atelier.

The 355 components of the watch bring Mademoiselle to life in a meticulously structured 5-layer décor, at the simple push of a button. Truly a perfect balance of design and watchmaking expertise expressed through excellent materials and sophisticated details.

Pink Edition

The colour pink accentuated Gabrielle Chanel’s collections throughout her life.

The CHANEL Watchmaking Creation Studio has imagined four exceptional designs around new editions of the J12 and BOY·FRIEND watches in variations of this feminine hue. This palette of pink is combined with CHANEL’s signature Beige Gold.


The Première watch has been a shining star in the world of CHANEL Watchmaking since 1987. This year, the CHANEL Watchmaking Creation Studio reinterprets the codes of the Première Édition Originale watch and presents two new limited editions, the Première Cuff watch and the Première Sautoir-Belt watch.

Both creations retain the audacious spirit of the Première watch while offering new ways of wearing them, like fashion accessories.

Moving on to a more artistic side, CHANEL also presented equally marvellous collections: the Couture O’Clock Capsule Collection and The Time Of The Lion.

CHANEL Couture O’Clock Capsule Collection

The CHANEL Watch Creation Studio’s vision is constantly inspired by the virtuosity of the ateliers on Rue Cambon. As a result, the graphic aesthetic of Mademoiselle’s atelier and the tools used by her seamstresses, as well as their exceptional savoir-faire, inspired the House for a new CHANEL Haute Horlogerie and Horlogerie capsule collection: Couture O’Clock.

The tools of the daily work in the Rue Cambon ateliers, such as thimbles, scissors, and pins, are transformed into exceptional pieces, blending watchmaking, jewellery and the finest craftsmanship.

The iconic watches of the House of CHANEL are enriched with new interpretations combining creative boldness, technical sophistication, excellence of materials and refinement of details.

The Time of The Lion

The Time of The Lion represents strength and majesty, revealing its different facets through this collection’s creations. With their finely honed skills of polishing, gem-setting and sculpture, the House’s artisans possess an unrivalled expertise that enhances these Haute Horlogerie timepieces, turning them into jewellery.

The creations include black and 18K gold cuffs and sautoirs set with diamonds and onyx, a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s astrological sign.

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