Warm Hearts: CHOPARD Happy Hearts Collection

Warm Hearts: CHOPARD Happy Hearts Collection

Chopard unveils warm gold reiterations as part of the Happy Hearts collection

By The Time Place Magazine

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Since it first made its debut at the Maison’s display, Chopard’s Happy Hearts collection has won the hearts of many across the world with its feminine yet modern design. Its latest expansion to include warmer hues captures the iconic collection in a new light, enter the “Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts”. Now available in 18-carat yellow gold, the Golden Hearts pendant and bangle pair makes for an elegant combination that could be worn to any occasion. Both pieces are adorned with the two iconic hearts, each of which brings out the beauty in the other.

For the Golden Heart pendant, one’s gaze can instantly be drawn on to the larger heart silhouette. Adding to the allure of the piece is the line of precious diamonds carefully embedded onto the outermost rim of the shape. With steady hands, the craftsmen have juxtaposed the dazzling gems against the slightly matt polish at the centre of the big heart. The soft-rounded heart hangs tightly on the smaller counterpart, which one could easily identify as the true face of the Happy Hearts collection. Prancing beneath the sapphire glass and encased in a delicate gold frame is one stunning dancing diamond that comes to life should its wearer move. Both hearts are held by a delicate golden link and chain necklace that would easily fit any attire.

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Similar to the pendant, the Golden Hearts bangle is almost a mirror reflection of the strong women Chopard wishes to portray. Akin to the bangles that have graced the hands of many across the world, the sleek jewellery features two heart-shaped silhouettes that almost meet at the front. Whilst the larger heart’s charm lies in the dazzling diamonds along its perimeter, the smaller heart’s appeal is in the sole dancing diamond that roams freely beneath the glass, where just like the pendant, the distinguished Chopard name is engraved. While both the pendant and bangle have stayed true to the Happy Hearts persona, these warm and timeless pieces add hints of classic glamour to the entire collection. In true Chopard fashion, these timeless and graceful pieces will continue to be in trend for generations to come.

Though its name is already ingrained in the minds of many, especially when associated with haute jewellery and horlogerie, Chopard’s masterful creations are not the only achievements to marvel over. The Maison is no stranger to big-hearted gestures and has proven time and time again its dedication to supporting social causes. Through some of the Happy Hearts pieces, for example, Chopard has partnered with multiple non-profit foundations and movements, such as the All Hands and Hearts Foundation, the Naked Heart Foundation, and the Education Above All Foundation, each of which are spearheaded by strong female figures.

Apart from its philanthropic endeavours, the Maison has also merged sustainability with its luxury pieces, a move that began four years ago. Be it the base material of the Golden Heart, namely the gold, or the diamonds themselves, each piece is made from ethically sourced materials. Whilst the gold is carefully curated through responsible mining or certified refineries, Chopard’s diamonds are responsibly sourced and comply with the Kimberley Process. Through its benevolent practices, the Swiss haute jewellery and horlogerie company has proven that one does not have to sacrifice ethics or nature in order to capture the opulence they seek.

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