“Fall/Winter 2021 is inspired by New York City. It is both the dream and the reality of possibilities… opportunity, creativity and diversity.

The collection reinterprets American luxury and sportswear, channeled through the attitude of classic New York. Timeless pieces that are grounded in the reality of how women want to dress. It starts with the idea of seasonless dressing and layers, the foundation of wardrobes women will reimagine in their own way. Crisp cotton shirts, knit turtlenecks and feminine shirtdresses; men’s suiting with softer proportions and poplin evening dresses, all of which can be styled differently for warmer weather. Accessories and jewelry add dimension to the layers: louche hobos and structured crescent bags, loafers, curved-heel boots and gold and multi-button chokers.” — Tory Burch

SILHOUETTES: Timeless and classic, focusing on the elegance of American luxury. The foundations of a seasonless wardrobe that is not defined by a specific time period and which women can mix and match. The juxtaposition of classic silhouettes mixed with unexpected fabrics: barn jackets bouclé-lined leather; structured skirt suits in raw Japanese denim, and a long poplin dress detailed with chiffon fringe. Tailored blazers and vests; deconstructed men’s suits, worn belted. Effortless tunics and dresses in linen, denim or cotton poplin. Pants show up with soft pleating or in a classic sailor silhouette done in moleskin. Everything is worn with layers of either turtlenecks, cotton shirts, vests or dickies, which have become a signature of the collection.

PALETTE: Neutrals — gray, brown, navy, shades of ivory and other earthy neutrals with pops of color, like red and purple.

FABRICATIONS: Pieces that feel comfortable and have longevity, filtered through the lens of American luxury. The collection features soft, warm classic materials like cashmere, mohair tweed and jersey with cotton poplin, corduroy, raw Japanese denim that hold both structure and drape. There are lightweight knits and linen for effortless layering. Cotton, in poplin and moleskin, introduce a utility and, over many wears, softness.

ACCESSORIES: Bags, shoes and jewelry round out the layered, structured/soft motifs in ready-to-wear and add special details the collection is known for. Necklaces are done in choker proportions, including a Snake chain, chokers with different buttons and a gold beaded necklace inspired by the add-a-bead looks Tory used to wear. These are all worn turtlenecks and knits. There are new iterations of brand signatures as well as new silhouettes. The Eleanor is done in colors that complement ready-to-wear, while the Lee Radziwill bag has a subtle western vibe. New to the collection are the 151 Mercer hobo and 151 Mercer crescent, one deconstructed, one structured, and both reflecting the mood and spirit of downtown New York.

PRINTS + PATTERN: Inspired by the diversity of New York City’s neighborhoods, the season’s prints pay tribute to some of the cultures that are a part of the city’s story and success. From

Indian block print-inspired prints and a delicate Japanese floral to traditional Americana seen in the subtle Western details of the Lee Radziwill bag.