Worn by the higher-ups to students, there is no footwear more versatile than a pair of sneakers. Over the years we’ve seen the sneaker game has elevated beyond gym floors and claws into the world of fashion. In 2022, sneakers have mutated from minimalist ones to visually striking ones. Read on to find out the ultimate sneaker trends guide that you need in your shoe rack:

1. Fashion Sneakers: Fly leather sneakers

As sneakers have become more experimental in shape, texture, and colour, Combining distinctive details and playing with the sole styles is becoming the easiest and most comfortable way to elevate your look. Try BERLUTI Fly Leather sneakers that incorporate the brand’s long-standing artisanal practices. Using a signature water-tight Incollato construction, made from smooth Venezia leather, reinforced with zigzag topstitching and detailed with smart brogue-like perforations. The exaggerated rubber soles are embossed with the date of the house’s inception, which is guaranteed to turn heads.



2. Sustainable Sneakers: Valentino Open for a change

With climate change threatening the earth and our very existence, it’s important to adopt more ecological and ethical fashion choices. One of the ways is to have sneakers that will endure for years and are constructed from renewable and natural textiles. Valentino Open for a Change sneakers experiments with new materials and technologies, including the bio-based and recycled materials produced by the first two sneakers. 



3. Sports Sneakers: BERLUTI Fast Track Sport

Although most “fashion” sneakers are not compatible with sport, The new BERLUTI Fast Track Sport stands as the ultimate functional yet fashionable sneaker. With an eclectic mix of white nylon, patina-effect leather and Camoscio suede complete with laser-engraved Scritto, you can really exercise in them. There is a wide range of colour options to ensure you look as amazing on a run as you do on a rest day.



4. Everyday Sneakers: Zegna Triple Stitch

Everyday sneakers call for a minimalist design that you can wear anytime, anywhere, with any outfit. This minimalist look is easy to achieve with designs from ZEGNA. The beauty of the ZEGNA Triple Stitch sneaker is simple, versatile and timeless, making them a flexible option that will bring a laid-back elegance to any ensemble. Designed to meet the demands of the modern man, this multifunctional shoe may be worn anytime and anywhere.