There’s no denying that CHANEL staying power is dominantly caused by the classic items created by the founder of the Paris based luxury brand, Gabrielle CHANEL. The classic items that constantly searched by fashion lovers around the world, to collect, or simply for that feeling of able to have and to wear an item from CHANEL.


Indeed, for those who are only starting to buy CHANEL, there are classic and iconic items worth investing in. And talking about fashion investment, CHANEL is the absolute right path to take. Of course, investing in fashion items has been a huge interest in the past years. People buy luxury bags with hopes one day they would worth more than the first time they purchase it. When one is investing in CHANEL items, one should never be worried about any price fall of the items in the future.


Where should one start?


The tweed jackets


Created by Gabrielle Chanel in 1950, the infamous tweed jacket revolutionizes the way women dress in that era. Offering the freedom to move, CHANEL’s tweed jacket has become a staple of elegance for women of class around the world. And lately, for men also. This is possible due to the increasingly unisex charm of the tweed jacket. A powerful example would be the K-pop star, G-Dragon, and American musician Pharrell who have been wearing CHANEL tweed jackets over the years.


The CHANEL bags


One either starts with the tweed jacket or the bag. Two of CHANEL’s most iconic bags would be the 11.12 and the 2.55. The 2.55 bag was created with practicality in mind. A bag that could carry women’s essentials. This bag is truly elegant and beautiful inside out. The quilted diamond shapes on the outside gave the bag an iconic form, and the chains gave the owner two ways of carrying the bag (sling it or on the shoulder).


The two-tone slingback


Elegant footwear created in 1957 that was meant to complete the wardrobe of CHANEL women. Effortless, the shoes joined black and beige color panels that, Gabrielle Chanel argues, are the colors that you wear from day to night. We couldn’t agree more. And talking about comfort, the two-tone slingback is also a champ.