Style Staple

Style Staple

Celine’s new IT bag, the Ava Triomphe, is a big hit with the younger crowd and for very good reasons

By The Time Place Magazine


Making its debut in the captivating Celine Winter 2023 collection, the all-new IT bag—the Celine Ava Triomphe—emerges as an instant icon among the Gen Z, solidifying its position as a contemporary classic within the esteemed house.
With a graceful entrance onto the fashion realm, this exquisite creation seamlessly fuses modernity with timeless allure, showcasing Celine’s unwavering commitment to innovation while paying homage to the brand’s heritage. The Ava Triomphe bag captures the essence of elegance, channelling an air of sophistication that resonates effortlessly with fashionistas and those seeking to make a statement of refined luxury. Its introduction marks a pivotal moment in Celine’s legacy, etching a new chapter in the brand’s storied history as it redefines and elevates the standards of enduring style.

Draped elegantly over the shoulder, seamlessly harmonising with the bag’s distinctive half-moon shape, the Ava Triomphe bag transcends accessory status to become an indispensable component of the quintessential Celine silhouette. Its design not only pays homage to the iconic aesthetics intrinsic to the brand’s DNA, but also showcases a harmonious union with the celebrated Triomphe motif, an emblem that encapsulates the very essence of Celine’s renaissance.

It’s also the IT bag that the Gen Z is obsessed with. The Ava Triomphe bag effortlessly bridges the generation gap, captivating trendsetters, young and old. The journey begins with the selection of leather, an art form in itself. The calfskin, so sublime to the touch, undergoes a meticulous transformation—flipped and sculpted with precision by the hands of dedicated leather artisans. Each crease, every curve, is a testament to their skill and dedication, a nod to the heritage of a brand that has mastered the language of fine materials.

Enveloping the bag, the meticulously crafted piping not only gives it a distinct round profile but also seamlessly bridges tradition and innovation. With each stitch, the bag whispers stories of dedication, blending Celine’s heritage with contemporary vision.

Crafted exclusively for Celine, the distinctive hardware unveils a bespoke touch that sets the Ava Triomphe apart. The magnetic closure flap, adorned with the iconic Triomphe motif, emerges as both a decorative flourish and a functional embrace, ensuring your essentials are securely cradled within. As for the adjustable strap, simplicity takes centre stage. Skilfully anchored by two frames, it’s a nod to minimalist elegance at its finest. Effortlessly aligned with the bag’s overarching aesthetic, this strap reaffirms that less can indeed be more.

Discover the Ava Triomphe’s diverse range of styles. You can choose from the emblematic black or tan leather for a classic look, or embrace its rich heritage with Triomphe canvas. With an array of colours and fabrics, you can effortlessly match your individual style and make a statement that’s distinctly yours.

The Ava Triomphe has also swiftly become a style staple for our beloved stars, effortlessly gracing the arms of notables, like Lisa from BLACKPINK, and the ever-elegant model, Kaia Gerber. Their endorsement solidifies the bag’s coveted status, making it a sought-after accessory for those who value both sophistication and trendsetting.

In a nod to its allure, the Triomphe bag campaign features emerging French director Suzanne Lindon. Suzanne, the daughter of Cannes Palme d’Or winning actor Vincent Lindon and actress Sandrine Kiberlain, is carving her own remarkable path as one of France’s most promising young talents, bringing her unique energy to the forefront of the fashion scene.


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