Splendour Preserved

Splendour Preserved

Discover Cartier’s Beautés du Monde Collection, inspired by the world

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Cartier Beautés du Monde Collection – Obi necklace

Nothing can be more enriching than appreciating what the world has to offer, and for Cartier, the world has much to provide. The maison’s latest Beautés du Monde high jewellery collection serves as a testament to the wonders of our Earth, and each piece entails a unique story taken from many travels and cultures. “Always striving to enchant the senses, we transcribe the richness of cultures, landscapes, fauna, and flora with a contemporary outlook”, says Jacqueline Karachi, Creative Director of Cartier.

The first of the four necklaces is the Ocelle necklace: a beautiful platinum piece with opals weighing 16.59 and 6.19 carats respectively, paired with a 21.18 carat Zambian emerald pendant. These stones serve as marvellous accents to the magnificent piece; their colours symbolise that of the inimitable peacock. Cartier was inspired by the grace and poise of this majestic bird, and so this piece resembles much of what the animal represents: beauty, glamour, and luxury. In addition to the colours, the necklace incorporates the form of the eyespots that characterise the peacock’s plumage. With each motif highlighted by an onyx trim, and the gemstones cut and mounted for an invisible setting, one can only appreciate the magnificence of the Earth’s peacock.

Next comes the Splendens necklace, with its mesmerising colours and elegant design, the regal piece is reminiscent of the fighting fish. The cascade of spinel beads create a chromatic harmony with the array of square and lozenge diamonds. Furthermore, nine oval and pear-shaped spinels, weighing 27.79 carats, reflect the scales of the fish and its luminescent design. This dazzling piece is exactly what Cartier has always been known for: exceptional uniqueness and timeless innovation.

Making of the Cartier Beautés du Monde – Splendens necklace


Speaking of timeless innovation, the Camail necklace is certainly no exception. Inspired by nature’s beauty and a bird’s graceful plumage, this ensemble is made with several pear-shaped diamonds and five Zambian emeralds weighing 42.44 carats. The distinctive design of this piece was achieved by two important steps: one, invisible articulations were used to create the supple movement of the necklace, and two, the emeralds sit nicely on top of the diamond plumage due to its prong-free settings. Though sophisticatedly made, this jewellery exudes a sense of effortless elegance, much like the birds in nature.

Making of the Cartier Beautés du Monde Collection – Camail necklace


And lastly, the most culturally-inspired of them all: the Obi necklace. The Beautés du Monde collection emphasises much of the world’s cultures and travel, and the Obi necklace entails exactly that. Paying tribute to the culture and richness of Japan, this last piece is inspired by Japanese fabrics and the rising sun motif. With eight cabochon-cut emeralds and a 12.53 carat Zambian emerald at the centre, the Obi necklace is accentuated and angled to provide depth and resemble a similarity to the rising sun design. Sticking to Cartier’s signature chromatic harmony, a combination of green, red, and black is added to reflect the brand’s unprecedented combinations. Rounding off this stunning model is the fact that it continues Cartier’s tradition of transformable pieces, as the pendant motif can be detached and worn as a brooch.

These four latest additions to the Beautés du Monde collection symbolise exactly what Cartier has set out to achieve: that beauty knows no bounds, and that we should all embrace the rich diversity of other cultures. Whether inspired by a majestic animal or appreciating the world’s most exquisite traditions, Cartier never disappoints when it comes to innovating and celebrating what the world has to offer.


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