Priceless Treasure

Priceless Treasure

The majestic insofu emerald graces the exquisite Chopard x Julia Roberts collection

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Julia Roberts wearing Chopard x Julia Roberts

Renowned for its remarkable craftsmanship and commitment to ethical luxury, Chopard embarks on an extraordinary journey with Global Ambassador and Award-winning Actress Julia Roberts, to unveil a breathtaking parure inspired by the grand Insofu Emerald. Produced together with Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, this collection celebrates Mother Nature’s most brilliant of treasures.

The birth of this collection traces back to the discovery of the majestic Insofu Emerald, a 6,225-carat gem found in Zambia’s Kagem mine. The name “Insofu” is inspired by the Bemba word for “elephant,” commemorating the impressive size and shape of the gemstone, similar to the animal’s trunk. The Maison’s bold decision to acquire the rough emerald underscores its dedication to embracing unconventional beauty, with Caroline Scheufele recognising the gem’s exquisite potential, enlisting expert emerald cutters in Jaipur, India to meticulously study and enhance its natural allure.

Chandelier earrings set with emeralds, rubellites, turquoise cabochons and pink sapphires

In a stroke of creative genius, Scheufele invited Julia Roberts to co-design a capsule collection that celebrates the ethereal beauty of the Insofu Emerald. As Chopard’s Global Ambassador, Roberts brings her discerning eye and passion for jewellery to the collaborative process. Their shared values and mutual admiration culminate in a collection that seamlessly blends avant-garde design with timeless elegance.

This collection features a ring, necklace, and pair of earrings crafted from exquisite Insofu emeralds. Inspired by Indian jewellery traditions, the pieces juxtapose vibrant hues of emerald, turquoise, and rubellite, resulting in a mesmerising ensemble that captivates the senses. The intricate designs, characterised by modern lines and heirloom aesthetics, showcase the mastery of Chopard’s artisans.

Cocktail ring in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat rose gold set with emeralds, rubellites and and turquoise cabochons

The Chopard x Julia Roberts necklace is crafted in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat rose gold, with pear-shaped and oval-shaped emeralds totalling 73.56 carats, pear-shaped and oval-shaped rubellites totalling 38.81 carats, and turquoise cabochons totalling 13.93 carats. Each gemstone is meticulously set to enhance its natural beauty, creating a captivating ensemble that exudes sophistication and grace.

For a stunning expression of luxury and refinement, the cocktail ring features a dazzling ensemble of pear and oval-shaped emeralds, rubellites, and turquoise cabochons, with roughly 8.96, 4.56, and 3.87 carats respectively, gracefully forming into a petal-like design. The harmonious arrangement of gemstones creates a striking visual contrast, while the impeccable craftsmanship ensures a perfect fit.

With the chandelier earrings comes elegance and sophistication. Crafted in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat rose gold, these exquisite earrings feature the same cut of emeralds amounting to 10.3 carats, 10.57 carats worth of pear-shaped and oval-shaped rubellites, 5.86 carats of turquoise cabochons, and brilliant-cut pink sapphires totalling 0.86 carats. The delicate interplay of colours and shapes creates a mesmerising effect, drawing admiration from every angle. With their ethically sourced gemstones and impeccable design, these chandelier earrings are a true testament to Chopard’s commitment to responsible luxury and timeless beauty.

Caroline Scheufele and Julia Roberts

Caroline Scheufele brings forth the transformative power of the Insofu Emerald. From the moment we discovered the Insofu Emerald, we knew it was a gem that could inspire greatness,” she says. “This parure is a testament to that inspiration, a fusion of our shared passion for beauty, elegance, and responsible luxury.”

In a world where luxury often comes at the expense of ethical responsibility, the Chopard x Julia Roberts collection stands as a beacon of integrity and innovation. Through their collaborative efforts, Scheufele and Roberts have redefined the boundaries of Haute Joaillerie, proving that beauty and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. As the dazzling parure takes its rightful place among Chopard’s timeless treasures, it serves as a reminder of the transformative power of artistry, passion, and purpose.



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