Official FENDI Tik Tok Channel Launch

Official FENDI Tik Tok Channel Launch

FENDI and F IS FOR… are proud to announce the launch of the official FENDI Tik Tok channel, on Sunday 12th of July (6PM  GMT), combining the innate values, heritage and style of the FENDI Maison with the core DNA and social-first attitude of its millennial-focused F IS FOR… platform.

Inviting Sabrina Carpenter to join us as our first ambassador, the launch commences with a five-part challenge inspired by the essential principles which make FENDI and F IS FOR… so unique.

Friends. Family. Freedom. Future. Fearless. These are the five core tenets by which FENDI stands and, across five challenges, we will see Sabrina embody these values as the first ambassador of the house new Tik Tok venture.

Sabrina will turn strangers into friends, explore family history, take freedom to new levels, look toward the future and defy fear trough the power of “California Sky” eccentric graphic prints made by SVF in collaboration with Joshua Vides.

With these challenges – and with this new platform which we are so excited to explore together – FENDI, F IS FOR… and our TikTok ambassadors hope to reach and inspire a new generation of the FENDI FFamily.


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