Mads Mikkelsen Closes ZEGNA Summer 2025 Fashion Show

Mads Mikkelsen Closes ZEGNA Summer 2025 Fashion Show

Acclaimed actor Mads Mikkelsen took centre stage to close the ZEGNA Summer 2025 fashion show: US, IN THE OASI OF LINEN. It was such a defining moment, combining the timeless elegance of ZEGNA with his unparalleled charisma.


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Held during Milan Fashion Week on June 17, the Danish actor and ZEGNA Global Ambassador walked the runway in the latest iteration of “Il Conte” jacket in a deep terracotta calf leather.

The new icon was styled with a chocolate brown jacquard knit and a tailored wide-legged five-pocket trouser. To finish the look, he wore the new loafer “Mocassin” and totes leather bags in the same deep terracotta calf leather as “Il Conte”.

Fashion critics and enthusiasts alike praised his performance, noting how the actor’s mature, refined image complemented the collection. As the final model to stride down the runway, Mad Mikkelsen’s presence was nothing short of magnetic.

The event was further highlighted by the presence of numerous celebrities sitting in the front row. Among them were ZEGNA ambassadors Leo Wu and Daniel Brühl, friend of the house and French actor Lucas Bravo, English singer James Blake, as well as Thai rising actors “Gemini” Norawit Thiticharoenrak and “Fourth” Nattawat Jirochtikul.

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