Iconic Design That Will Never Go Out of Style: FENDI BAGUETTE

Iconic Design That Will Never Go Out of Style: FENDI BAGUETTE


In fashion, trends come and gone, yet certain handbags have always become a mainstay since their debut. Always desirable, having a timeless design, yet with many iterations, it becomes relevant to different generations. Such is the case with FENDI Baguette.

Having a strong association with celebrity and pop culture, the baguette – easily identified from its compact and signature design – was firstly created in 1997 by Silvia Venturini Fendi. The bag will remind you of that French bread because it’s kind of easily nesting under your arm. Since its debut, FENDI Baguette has been reinterpreted at least 1000 times – from a minimalist design to those with extravagant details.


And for the fall-winter 2021 collections, the iconic bag is again reinvented yet again. Through a project named Hand in Hand. The project represents the meeting of the hands of local artisans with that of Fendi artisans, who together managed to give life to a unique collaboration. FENDI worked with at least 20 local artisans around Italy for this unique project.

A favorite among the A-list celebrities (especially to Sarah Jessica Parker who made the bag super famous), FENDI Baguette has seen iterations designed by artists like Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons – making the bag not only functional yet also a collectible art piece (when being reworked by artists). Plus, with its popular silhouettes owning a FENDI Baguette, whichever year or version, will always remain classic and relevant – there is a different FENDI Baguette for different personalities.

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