Gentlemen’s Cool

Gentlemen’s Cool

Inspired by its store interiors, Berluti presents a new travel line for its discerning clientele

By The Time Place Magazine


Gents, are you ready for your next jet-setting adventure? Don’t forget to include Berluti in your choices for go-to fashion and accessories as the Italian brand has just unveiled The Toile Marbeuf, a fresh addition to its Fall/Winter 2023 collection, marking the brand’s exciting foray into the realm of travel accessories.

Meticulously designed for the Berluti gentleman, the new line mirrors an intuitive and unburdened approach to travel: an easy grace formed by a dynamic nomadic lifestyle and the redefined fashion standards it champions, grounded in exquisite artistry infused with the essence of the Maison’s heritage. Seen through Berluti’s refined perspective, these principles materialise in a genuine wardrobe brought to fruition through the Maison’s artisanal expertise, tailored to encompass the enduring, adaptable, and daring qualities that epitomise contemporary luxury and travel.

The result? Six travel-ready styles that pay homage to Berluti’s storied heritage while crafting a fresh travel narrative, inspired by the store’s interiors from which it takes its name.

The Toile Marbeuf collection introduces six new bags, each showcasing a unique charm. Designed to cater to both travel and urban needs, these bags feature durable materials. The line-up comprises of the Cabas tote, the Cartable backpack, the Musette messenger, the compact cross-body Bourse, and the spacious Bagage weekender. Notably, the collection also includes the iconic rolling luggage— Formula 1005—as a prominent highlight.

Grounded in the rich history and essence of Berluti, the fresh canvas draws inspiration from the distinctive ambience found within the Rue Marbeuf boutique. This Parisian establishment, which is especially cherished by Olga Berluti, transitioned from an atelier and salon into a store over time.

In previous years, a sophisticated gentleman’s club was nestled behind the store’s beautifully adorned wooden-panelled façade, a haven that warmly welcomed discerning aficionados from all corners of the globe. Here, they were invited to partake in an immersive journey into the captivating world and exquisite craftsmanship that defined Berluti. Inside these hallowed walls, guests could savour the essence of the brand, its rich heritage, and unparalleled savoir-faire. This exclusive enclave provided a sanctuary where patrons could indulge in the artistry of Berluti, forging a deep connection with the brand’s legacy while experiencing the unparalleled luxury it embodied.

Numerous exquisite details from the Rue Marbeuf boutique find itself within this canvas, reflecting the highest standards of craftsmanship. Within the new design, the graceful curves reminiscent of the boutique’s metallic grid and staircase balustrade seamlessly merge with the iconic Scritto motif. This fusion results in a fluid and interwoven pattern, elegantly framed by grained Venezia Palmelato leather accents, mirroring the same rich brown tone as the renowned Club chair envisioned by Talbinio Berluti.

Made from a distinctive linen-based canvas, thoughtfully coated to enhance its flexibility and reveal the innate texture of the material, this canvas is further adorned with an understated embossed Berluti logo. This logo proudly features the original historical emblem from the front of the Marbeuf store. Furthermore, they are adorned with aged gold metallic components and meticulously handcrafted stitching, while leather-covered fasteners provide the finishing touches to this exceptional creation.

Starting from September 1st, 2023, the Toile Marbeuf collection will be accessible at Berluti stores across the globe and on the brand’s online e-shop. Don’t miss out!

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