FENDI Valentine’s Day 2022: O’Lock your Love!

FENDI Valentine’s Day 2022: O’Lock your Love!

fendi o'lock

FENDI celebrates Valentine’s Day and acclaims the season of love with a selection of products characterised by the soft and feminine lines of the O’Lock logo. Designed by Artistic Director of Jewelry Delfina Delettrez Fendi, the O’Lock logo plays as a leitmotif on jewelry, watches, and sunglasses to treat your loved ones. 

The O’Lock logo turns the FF into an oval, graphic yet delicate shape. With its delicate and graceful lines, it is the perfect shape to celebrate femininity and romance with your special one. 

O’Lock gold-coloured metal earrings, rings and hair accessories come in a variety of sizes, from maxi to mini, designed to be combined together for a clear fashion statement. Chain necklaces made up of interlaced O’Lock logos complete the offer of a jewelry line that reflects the empowered sensibility of the FENDI woman.


fendi O'Lock


The newest addition to the timepieces line, the FENDI O’Lock designs convert the watches into jewels through the luxurious shapes and elegant bracelets. In the Horizontal watch the O’Lock creates an elegant chain bracelet and presents an oval-shaped case. For the slim, vertical version of the watch, the case itself is constituted by the O’Lock logo while the bracelet is sleek and rigid.

Eyewear aligns with the distinguishing feminine elegance that characterises FENDI, with oversized metal frames with a vintage attire characterised by the subtle use of the O’Lock logo. A printed silk foulard with the O’Lock motif, reimagined as a chain, completes the St. Valentine’s Day proposals.

FENDI’s way of spreading love. 

Available in FENDI boutiques worldwide and on fendi.com starting from February 2022.


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