Extraordinarily Glenn

Extraordinarily Glenn

Time International Films with Damn! I love Indonesia Pictures & Adhya Pictures present a movie about the beloved musician.

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Before his sudden passing at the age of 44, Glenn Fredly was renowned as an R&B singer, producer and actor. With his soothing vocals, he captured the ears (and hearts) of many and released more than 10 albums. But apart from his celebrity persona, Bung Glenn was also a multi-faceted individual with a big heart, “Glenn had many phases in his life. Of course, many people were amazed by the golden quality of his voice. However, personally, for me, his heart for Indonesia was nothing short of amazing. Indonesia does not have many figures like that,” said Daniel Mananta, founder and CEO of Damn! I love Indonesia, producer of “Glenn Fredly The Movie” (GFTM). The former MTV VJ and popular Indonesian TV presenter and host relayed that the idea for the film began in a unique way, “This whole project began when I had a spiritual moment. In January 2022, I could not sleep and Glenn Fredly’s song ‘January’ kept playing in my head. I prayed to God about it and was prompted to make a film about Glenn.”

Lukman Sardi helms the inspiring film.

“Glenn Fredly The Movie” sheds light on the singer as a man and traces his journey to the pinnacle of success, “This film we made is not a biopic per se, it is about Glenn Fredly’s life, yes, but this is also about a person and his relationships with God, with his family, with people in general. I believe this movie can make a strong statement, when you watch this film with an open heart, to see Glenn Fredly as a human, to find out things about the singer that we didn’t know. Most of us knew Glenn Fredly as a performer on stage, but this film gives us a glimpse about the many other sides of the individual,” conveyed award-winning actor and director, Lukman Sardi, who helmed the film. Asked to describe the crooner, Lukman had this to say, “I was quite close to Glenn. He was someone who always cared for his friends. He also used his talent and success for things that have not been thought of before. His humanity was something else. Glenn never changed, he left a legacy that should be emulated. Of course his musicality and his musical works cannot be denied. His energy was out of this world, especially to the listener. And to have had this kind of impact requires someone who is equally extraordinary.”

Marthino Lio plays the titular role in Glenn Fredly The Movie

On the other hand, award-winning actor Marthino Lio, who was tapped to play the titular role, did not know Bung Glenn personally but was drawn to the character he was going to play, “I got to know more after speaking to people who knew him. I interviewed several people and asked them if he ever shared his problems with them, and they all said no. He was a strong person, he just took everything that life gave him, and took it like a man. And to be like that, to face problems alone and come up with solutions, that’s no ordinary human being. Maybe that is why his songs became hits; he didn’t waste his energy on other things, he poured it all into his craft.” Marthino also shared his experience working on the film and how the project gave him new perspective on the singer, “Every shooting day was just blessed, I don’t know why. Glenn Fredly to me now is more than just a name, it’s a symbol of hope, a symbol of love, a symbol of humanity.” Asked if he had any message to share to the people who will watch the movie, the talented actor had this to say, “There’s only one thing. ‘Bung Glenn sudah meninggikan. Sekarang tergantung kita meneruskan.’ Bung Glenn put his purpose on a higher level. Now, it’s up to us to maintain it and continue his legacy, or to go even higher than he did.” 

Behind the scenes look of Lukman Sardi giving Marthino Lio instructions for a scene.

With a musical legacy that is celebrated in “Glenn Fredly The Movie,” viewers will surely find themselves reminiscing about days gone by, while others will discover a new appreciation for Glenn Fredly’s songs. Presented in collaboration with Time International Films, the movie aims to deliver a message of hope, something that we can all benefit from today, “Glenn’s music resonates so well with people. He had such incredible talent and passion, not only for music but also for peace and unity in Indonesia. In today’s world, more than ever, we need to share messages like this to inspire,” concluded Irwan Danny Mussry, President and Executive Director of Time International Films.


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