Effortless Summer Style, Mikha Tambayong in Tory Burch

Effortless Summer Style, Mikha Tambayong in Tory Burch

Indonesian actress Mikha Tambayong, wearing Tory Burch, showed us a chic and effortless summer style in her latest Instagram post. A style everyone can recreate, and tick all the boxes for that desirable, carefree, balmy weather wardrobe.

As the heat is our daily theme during the summer, especially to those who live nearby the equator, dressing up could be tricky. Especially during this pandemic. No one would want complicated or clothes that are too busy. But we do want a summer dress that’s comfortable and stylish at the same time.

In her latest Instagram post, Mikha Tambayong was seen posing in a sleeveless lilac dress, long enough to balance the open arms part, and sleek enough, you can add a light jacket or cardigan if this look is going to be your work from home attire. The color especially would become a conversation starter during a zoom call, don’t you think?

Mikha herself wore this look for her recent performance. The outdoor performance did fit this entire look. No sleeves that just right for the outdoor event and cheerful color that should light up everyone’s mood during these complicated times in our life.

This particular dress is from the Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2021 collection, and Mikha completed her look with a pair of signature Tory Burch T Monogram sneakers. The embroideries on her sneakers made a good match with the rather clean dress. The belt detail on the look also gives a nice accent to the whole look.

Easy but very dynamic at the same time. Love to explore Mikha’s Tory Burch look furthermore? Click the button below!