Effortless Elegance: Velove Vexia

Effortless Elegance: Velove Vexia

In Velove Vexia’s world, knowledge is infinite, and the pursuit of it is a lifelong adventure. The graceful lady sways following life’s inherent unknowns, and yet she is able to anchor herself in its centre of calm and contentment.

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Velove Vexia seeks to unlock the secrets of the universe. Always on an endless quest for answers, the actress would search for them within the pages of books. To do so is wise, and truly elegant of her, as she knows that each book is a silent mentor, and every page is a portal to the uncharted realms of the mind. From her earliest years, she and her father cherished their tradition of weekly library visits. She would make her choice for her next read, or her father would pick one for her when she could not decide. Once she finished reading, the father-daughter would discuss the book’s contents together. It was an important ritual, and it kept Velove alive and bright-eyed with the need to keep learning and asking the right questions. Throughout many places and phases, the library remained her sanctuary and books her steadfast companions, and in return, they gifted her the invaluable, unquenchable curiosity for life and all its mysteries.

Starting her career at the tender age of 16, Velove’s journey began unexpectedly when she was scouted during a vacation in Bali. Like many teenagers, she had typical desires for designer bags, and an offer to model for a beauty brand sounded to her as a means to independently finance her pursuits for those coveted bags. During that time, the beauty industry had only a handful of major players, making the opportunity all the more intriguing for Velove, and yet it unravelled before her in a way that felt incredibly natural, as if it was just destined to be. The entertainment world though, was not a place she ever planned to be in, let alone imagine thriving in. In her youth, her dreams revolved around becoming an astronaut or, at the very least, to be working for NASA. Alternatively, the introverted lady would have found simple contentment in the idea of a desk job or lab work, where the spotlight was not shining on her every time she took one step out of her house. She was perfectly happy curled up at home with a good book, missing social gatherings and parties.

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Yet, when the opportunity presented itself, it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime chance, one that would indeed alter the course of her life, and Velove had to say yes. A producer later approached her with an enticing project, one that enticed her even more as it offered flexible working hours. It was titled “Olivia” and narrated the story of a young girl who disguised herself as a boy to pursue her passion of playing football. When the series was released, it swiftly climbed the ranks, claiming the top spot in all programmes and amassing numerous favourable reviews. Velove, who played Olivia herself, found the immense success of the series truly difficult to believe. “How was I out there, playing football under the scorching sun while dressed as a boy?” the lady chuckled gracefully, reminiscing about those memories. “Although I might have been a bit out of my mind then, as I look back at it now, I could not help but feel a deep sense of pride. I had no prior acting training and my knowledge of the entertainment industry was close to zero. Yet, to have contributed to the creation of something that was enjoyed and adored by many…that young woman ought to be proud of herself,” she smiled radiantly.

Following the success of “Olivia (2007)”, Velove began receiving offers to act in more movies and TV shows, and she embraced these opportunities, slowly gaining fame that she had never been exposed to. Velove was merely a teenager, yet she would return home late after shooting films and fulfilling work obligations, all while her peers enjoyed more typical teenage lives. It was no matter for her though, because she believed that the path she was treading had been carved for her. “I am aligned with my own timing, just as others are aligned with their own timing,” and she held that belief as strongly as she believed in herself.

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While content with the career she pursued, there were vivid memories etched in her mind of watching the news and observing reporters in the most perilous corners of the world, yet they venture forth to cover stories and aid those in need. “These people, they lead lives that allow them to broaden their horizons and make a difference.” Her spirit for humanitarian work had always burned within her, though she had not taken action towards the frequent tugging of her heart. Her career in the entertainment industry had thrust her into the spotlight, and all that was discussed was what she was wearing, what she was saying, who she was with, and often, it felt like the world revolved around her.

When she lost one of her dearest friends at an early age, Velove took it as a stark wake-up call. “You cannot plan life. What you truly have is what you have at this very moment. One day, you might be here—happy, accomplished, admired—and the next might just be your last,” She thought about the career she had been building since she was 16, attending fashion shows, starring in films, and working with big-name brands. “What would truly fulfil my soul if my time on this Earth were to end tomorrow?” that final tug in her heart seemed to call for her, and she wasted no time to answer. The headstrong lady took on the role of UN Women Gender Equality Advocate and journeyed to the City of Palu in Central Sulawesi to assist the victims of natural disasters. She did not come as Velove Vexia, the public figure, but as a volunteer, eager to understand firsthand the needs of the victims. “I saw that many of the clothes sent to them were not proper—tank tops, shorts, and the like. So, I provided them with knitting machines, enabling them to create clothing and earn a living,” she shared.

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As the years go by, Velove has become more determined to seek balance in life, although not the kind of balance where both sides carry equal weight, for that is inherently unattainable. “I want to lead a life where I live in the present moment, and know my priorities well enough to never compare, or heaven forbid, compete because that is not life—it is less than a life—it is a prison.” She understands that this life contains fluctuations and imperfections and there is no use in imposing a rigid sense of balance to it. “By accepting this reality and aligning one’s values and priorities, that delicate, beautiful balance in asymmetry will be found.”

Similar to Velove’s quest for that exquisite balance, an admirable feature of a number of Piaget High Jewellery pieces lie in their ability to maintain a graceful equilibrium despite being uniquely asymmetric and bearing substantial carat weights. Each finely crafted treasure bears distinctive designs, colour gradations, the rarest of gems, and a special story behind their creation. As breathtaking as works of art, the stunning woman wears them with perfect poise, dazzling on her skin with every movement. “When adorned in Piaget, I feel aligned. It strikes that elusive balance of being not too subtle that I fade into the background, yet not too ostentatious, so as not to seem like I’m trying too hard. Its elegance is effortless, not overtly literal, exquisite just as it is. As someone who intends to live a life filled with harmony, humility, gratitude, and intellectual curiosity, I celebrate Piaget’s silhouette of natural asymmetry as a symbol of a meaningful existence.”


Photography by Raja Siregar
Styled by Erika Tania
Text by Charlene Atalie
Make Up by Ryan Ogilvy
Hair Styling by Yoshi Pakin

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