CROWN Issue #4 2022

CROWN Issue #4 2022




As 2022 draws to a close and a new year begins, reflection and resolution have become a tradition we practice dearly. Past perspectives and understanding are seemingly challenged by new insights and intuitions as we interpret the events that have happened throughout 2022 and establish fresh manifestations for the new year ahead. Through reflection, we learn to understand ourselves a little better, and by setting resolutions, we are kept motivated to achieve our goals and dreams.

Nevertheless, with the modern life that we lead, reflection and resolution can seem more than a mere end-of-year ritual, but rather a necessity for sustained growth and self-awareness. It is not a newfound knowledge that anything can happen to anyone, wherever and whenever. Even so, early 2020 did serve some surprises that have inadvertently set a new standard for the dynamics in the wheel of life. Hence, instead of simply writing down our resolutions, channeling our focus toward introspection should always come first and foremost.

To quote Germer, Siegel, and Fulton from their book Mindfulness and Psychotherapy (2005), absolute self-realization is a practice of undivided attention to the current situation, as well as wholly accepting it as it truly is. Thereby, what a wonderful thing it is to relish and appreciate every moment that has passed so that we can make the best out of any circumstance—even more than expected. This spirit of encouragement will be back to guide me throughout 2023.

Gracing this edition’s cover is Chopard, standing true as a horology brand filled with awareness and actualization. Under the management of the Scheufele family, Chopard intends to evoke powerful emotions within its creators as well as its wearers. A harmonious blend of eloquent designs and state-of-the-art innovations, Chopard pieced its timepieces together with a powerful understanding that awareness of social and environmental impact is what makes up true luxury (Page 24).

Last but not least, Happy New Year 2023!