In the era of minimalism, the two latest works of Kris Van Assche for BERLUTI left a strong impression on the modern men’s way of dressing. By infusing art in his last two collections for the French brand, the most vibrant artistic elements are infused within the trendy silhouettes and minimalist aesthetic – meeting in the middle. The result? Contemporary looks that are thought-provoking.

The Spring 2021 collection of BERLUTI highlighted Kris Van Assche’s collaboration with the ceramic artist Brian Rochefort. The Los Angeles artist put his stamps on the collection, as the colorful abstract prints he did for BERLUTI are feeding the social media’s thirst for unique visuals. Making the collection easily identified everywhere. For Van Assche, Rochefort’s technique drew natural parallels to the patina methods practiced by Berluti’s artisans in Italy.


The collection offered dynamic ways of wearing and styling the exuberant texture and colors of Rochefort’s art for BERLUTI. Like a leather jacket with the printed shirt, a loud printed shirt with a jogger style pants, a printed hoodie on a printed shirt – worn with a jogger style pants, or as seen on the musician, Usher, plaid jacket pants set worn with the BERLUTI X Brian Rochefort shirt. Looks that would catalyst conversation – because they are so unusual, but fresh.

Moving on, Van Assche, later on, was inspired by the works of abstract and the contemporary painter Lev Khesin for the BERLUTI Fall-Winter 2021 collection. The artist’s use of color and texture heavily influences the tactile expression of the season’s techniques and fabrications. Khesin’s vibrant and contrasting colors and textures are reinterpreted in the garments and accessories of the house of Berluti – setting a foundation for the collection that embodies adaptability and fluidity (Hypebeast).

Entitled “Living Apart Together” the BERLUTI Fall-Winter 2021collection fused both traditional formal dress codes with those of workwear and sportswear wardrobes – wrapped in the vibrant colors that are now spotted everywhere on social media. Worn by global celebrities from Hollywood to K-pop stars. The aesthetics brought the world enough colors and joy, especially during the world’s somber pandemic journey.

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