Twenty years of audacity, twenty years of success.
Twenty years of an incomparable watchmaking journey.
From the outset, the J12 transformed ceramic into a precious material and rewrote two hundred years of history
to redefine the standards of feminine watchmaking.
Jacques Helleu, the artistic director of CHANEL at the time, created this piece to fulfill his own desires.
He wanted a beautiful yet different watch.
He did not simply design a watch, he created a legend.
Revolutionary, the J12 was immediately crowned the first watchmaking icon of the 21st century.
Since the beginning, the J12 has drawn its inspiration from this irrepressible desire to shake
up the codes by combining a unique artistic approach and exquisite technical expertise, by being daring and innovative.
The J12 captures the spirit of the time like no other. It craves innovation and inspiration and showcases it.
The secret of its infinite creativity lies here in this initial act of design, in the perpetual back
and forth to make it timeless, in the inherent science of movement.
Fashion and watchmaking.
Allure and modernity.
Beauty and complication.
For its 20th anniversary, the J12 wants to play. It takes twenty symbols and references
from the Maison CHANEL: a 2.55 bag, a camellia, a bottle of N°5 perfume and even a tweed jacket.
It becomes the J12∙20. Punctuated with 12 diamonds, these polished rhodium-plated motifs are found on its bezel and dial.
Sublime irreverence to sign the absolute freedom of this edition, limited to 2020 pieces, and also available in an Haute Horlogerie
enameled version, numbered and limited to 5 pieces.

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