Its shape is unmistakable. Its black lacquered case illuminated with gold says everything about its iconic,
desirable signature. The irresistibly intuitive way it opens seems just as obvious. However, something has changed. A longer silhouette that suggests a well-kept secret, a name that should be self-evident but only serves to deepen the mystery… It can be nothing else and yet, is it really what we believe it to be?

NOIR ALLURE is writing the next chapter of a story narrated by an inimitable click, one that is endlessly chic, that of the CHANEL allure.

AN ICONIC CLICK. Of course, there is the elegant click, an echo to the sound of the House’s emblematic lipstick. Like ROUGE ALLURE, NOIR ALLURE makes the everyday extraordinary and restores this beauty step to its full splendour. Redesigned to adapt to this new, monolithic tube, the clever, patented opening and closing system* guarantees that the airtight case remains perfectly sealed. A refined silhouette that highlights the sensuality with which it is applied, the affirmation of a confident woman who is aware of her own allure.

*Patented product: patent in Europe, China, Japan, United States, and patent application in South Korea.

A CONDITIONING FORMULA THAT HAS IT ALL. Combining practicality with aesthetics, uniting refinement with comfort: the CHANEL allure has never strayed from this ideal held by Gabrielle Chanel. NOIR ALLURE reinterprets this standard with its unique formula. Extremely high performing, it is smudgeproof and transfer-proof, does not flake, and glides smoothly onto lashes for an easily achievable makeup look.

Paired with a specially designed brush, its expert formula delivers the perfect amount of product in a
single swipe, for perfectly defined, separated, fanned-out lashes. Its conditioning formula features three naturally derived waxes – beeswax, carnauba wax, and rice wax – which respectfully enhance lash volume, curl, and length, for a look that lasts. Infused with provitamin B5, which was chosen for its
hydrating and fortifying properties, it protects lashes with every application.

Available at CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty boutiques in Indonesia from October 2022

Available to order online via CHANEL Home Delivery Service from October 2022