Sweet Monster

Sweet Monster

Sweet Monster is a specialities brand that operated by Time International in Indonesia. Time International prides itself on its commitment to the promotion and appreciation of horological culture, luxury fashion, and lifestyle. Time International manages some of the worlds’ most renowned brands and to date has nearly 50 brands under its wing. Learn more about Sweet Monster brand below or discover more of Sweet Monster Indonesia stores here.


Sweet Monster Indonesia

Sweet Monster is the creator of Popcorn Soft Serve Ice Cream. Sweet Monster has vibrant and joyous flavours. It delights the friendly and happy imagination. We welcome you with funny characters for your pleasure. We are an American Festival Confectionery shop that you can enjoy at carnivals and amusement parks. We have changed the paradigm of the dessert industry and are making a new culture with unique visuals, inimitable flavours with quality ingredients and charming characters everyone will love.

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