Bag-celet? Looking Into 2022 Obsession: FENDI Nano Fendigraphy


We are all visual creatures by nature, and we want to see how something appears before determining whether or not, it is the bag for us. While usefulness is important (and of course, it is!), aesthetics are usually the first thing that draws our attention, and we all have a preference for unique forms that aren’t as popular in the bag industry.

The Fendigraphy is a modern and strong interpretation in the FENDI way of a timeless and essential style with a huge FENDI golden metal script that asserts the iconicity of Maison’s mark in a crescent-shaped carry-all.

This new bag’s micro version is a fashionista’s dream come true, just like Ayla Dimitri, who’s rocking the FENDI Nano Fendigraphy in White Leather with her comfy lounge style. The FENDI lettering perfectly captures the Fendigraphy style, and the numerous ways to wear it: as a bracelet, a bag charm, or even as a mini bag with a shoulder strap, convey a youthful and fun character to your everyday style!



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