1 Look 2 Ways: TORY BURCH Edition

1 Look 2 Ways: TORY BURCH Edition

It’s a good sign when a look can be worn in many different ways. Meaning, it can suit to many people with different personal style. This specific TORY BURCH Fall Winter 2020 look for example. Take a look at how Maia Estianty and digital creator Tantri Namirah offers “1 look 2 ways” for the collection.

As a pants and jacket set, this TORY BURCH look is also covered with vibrant prints all over. Quiet challenging to tame for some people.  And with a mix of masculine meets feminine nuance to it, Maia Estianty chooses to style this look with a simple white inner top and stacks of a necklace. Adding a sweeter and more elegant note to her allover look.


While digital creator Tantri Namirah opted to style the same pants and jacket set with a more feminine blue blouse and turned the look into a more dynamic hijab look. The TORY BURCH collections felt more vibrant with the addition of a blue tone from the blouse, as Tantri also chose to open the buttons on her jacket.


In the end, different personal style will transform one look according to its wearer. Both Maia Estianty and Tantri Namirah gave the TORY BURCH collection their respective feminine touch. So, which look from the “1 look 2 ways” is your favorite?